Canadians are known for their love-hate relationship with the cold season. Here are some of the coldest places worth visiting:

Val-d’Or, Quebec

Many kids in Canada who enjoy playing in the snow ask their parents to visit Val-d’Or, Québec, during winter break. Aside from being known for copper, zinc, and gold, there are more snowy days than other major cities in Canada.


Vancouver is the place where the polar bear plunge started in 1920. This is the tradition of diving into frigid lakes on the first day of the year. Now, some people take part in the polar bear plunge to help charities or fulfill their New Year’s resolutions. Therefore, the tradition still lives on, and many people still participate. Also, other cities in Canada copied this event.


Yellowknife is considered the coldest place on this list. In winter, the average temperature here is -28.9 Celsius. According to Environment Canada, this is the most freezing place among the Northwest Territories.

If that temperature was not enough, Yellowknife also has the coldest wind chill reading, which is -63.99 Celsius. Nevertheless, it is also a great destination in summer because it is very sunny here.