Fashion Trends

Fashion on and food have always been the best of friends. They both have a lot in common, as they appeal to individual taste and self-expression.

Just think about going to a restaurant, and your mind starts planning what to wear – from your shoes to your hairstyle. For example, a restaurant with industrial-style lightning may inspire chic platform sandals.

The way you dress up and the place you choose to have your meal says a lot about your uniqueness as a person, and how you interact with the world.

Here are personal styling tips for all kinds of food trips:

Fine Dining

Fine Dining should be synonymous with dark denim. Unless the fancy restaurant has specifications for an ensemble, wear dark denim.

Men, custom T-shirts, sport coats with leather shoes will complete your outfit to most fancy restaurants.

Females can go for dress denim, or a black dress paired with statement heels and tassel earrings.

Dark denim gives off a “very nice, but relaxed” vibe, and there are so many ways to spice it up and add uniqueness and personality to it. You are guaranteed to turn heads with this look.

Work Lunch

Dressing up for work lunches can be tricky. You’ll need to quickly transition from professional attire to brasserie-chic. Choose classy essentials to achieve both looks.

Men should go for dress pants paired with a sport coat – classy, timeless, and sharp. Women should go for a flattering midi-dress with heeled pumps.

Both looks are guaranteed to impress the boss!

Friday Night Outings

Friday nights can be wild and lots of fun. Your aim should be to be chic but very comfortable.

For men, a button-up patterned shirt and dark denim trousers are always a win. You can roll your sleeves and turn it up on the dance floor and still be stylish.

Ladies, here is your chance to make a bold fashion statement. Wear a cute top with unique sleeves, leather flats, and casual jeans – there you go, you’re ready to turn it up.

Beachy Bistros

Tropical shirts scream beaches and piña coladas. Go full-on beach mode: parrot print button-downs or custom T-shirts with witty beach memes. Keep things light by pairing it with boat shoes – so you can easily go for a midnight swim after dinner.

For the ladies, light off-the-shoulder dresses paired with slide-out shoes are perfect for beach restaurants.

Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunches are for hip new brunch spots. Bring out your inner diva, make it a fashion runway!

Chambray shirts, lightweight henley tees, and sand-colored trousers will make you the best-dressed man at brunch.

Women can step in with chic floral camisoles paired with light-washed jeans, or flowy summer dresses with light sandals. Perfect for mimosas.

Fast Food Trips

Leisurewear is appropriate due to a quick fast food run. Choose one from your favorite custom T-shirts and pair it with leggings for women, and plain jeans or shorts for men.

You can be trendy for all your food trips. Be stylish, be comfortable, and have lots of fun.


Depending on where you’re dining or the occasion, it’s always best to dress in a manner appropriate for both. This will allow you to enjoy your meal even more and contribute to the atmosphere of your dining experience.