Canadian Dishes You Need to Try and Where to Try Them

Canada is a diverse country, and as a result, they also have diverse cuisine that will give you a gastronomical experience. Here are some of the dishes you should not miss when visiting Canada:


A culinary gem of the French-Canadian cuisine, poutine is one of the most eccentric Canadian dishes you ought to try. Many Quebec towns say that it created this notable dish that was believed to be invented in the 1950s. Authentic poutine has a gravy that is meat-based and has a lot of peppers. There are also curd fries.

You can try this at all diners in Canada that serve fries. You can even buy this from McDonald’s. Smoke’s Poutinerie offers vegetable or protein poutine options. This is a famous dish, so there are annual poutine festivals held.

Canadian Bacon

Canadian bacon is known as peameal bacon. Instead of pig belly, which is usually used in traditional bacon, Canadian bacon utilizes briner lean pork loin that is smoothened with cornmeal. You can buy Canadian bacon sandwiches at Carousel Bakery found in St. Lawrence Market in Toronto.


Created in 1969 by Walter Chell, a restaurant manager in Calgary, this cocktail drink became a big hit in the restaurant. The main ingredients of Caesar are vodka, Clamato juice, and Worchester with a salt-rimmed glass. Avoid drinking too much since it can cause a hangover.

You can try an interesting dish version of this drink at Score on Davie, a restaurant in Vancouver.