Best Cities in Canada to Eat and Drink

Although Canada has over 162 cities across the country, only a few of these cities can be considered a hub for eating and drinking. If these are the type of things that you like, you should definitely visit the following cities:

Victoria (British Columbia)

Everything that you will try at Victoria will indeed be delicious. The street food from Inner Harbour and the maple honey and waffles with green onions from North 48 found on Langley Street are excellent. Eating at the North 48 is highly recommended because of its delicious menu.

Tofino (British Columbia)

On Vancouver’s west coast, people go to Tofino to see waves and various wildlife. Therefore, I thought there would not be any interesting dishes. Nevertheless, I was wrong. From the hot Mexican take-outs from Tacofino, delicious beers from Tofino Brewery to Kelp Stout dishes made from local seaweed, every culinary experience here is a surprise.

Vancouver (British Columbia)

Vancouver has a lot to offer, so it is no surprise many consider this their favorite city in Canada. Aside from wildlife and greenery, there are various food shops and delicious craft beer. A must-try place to eat here is Granville Island. You will love cheese from Benton Brothers and beer bacon jam from Granville Island Brewery.

Calgary (Alberta)

Known as Canada’s biggest beef producer, the cuisines here go beyond beef. There is a food option for every food type and budget. Cluck n Cleaver’s southern fried chicken, The Deane House Restaurant’s local dishes, and Anju’s Korean dishes are not missed.