The Calgary Stampede is a yearly rodeo, festival, and exhibition in Calgary in Alberta every July. Claimed to be the greatest outdoor show on the globe, it draws over a million visitors each year. Visitors can see the biggest rodeos in the world, stage performances, a parade, First Nations exhibits, chuckwagon races, and agricultural contests.

There are functions, family events, and parties during the time of the Stampede. You will realize right away that the Stampede is on-going once you step foot in the city. People adorn the streets, and company employees volunteer in the activities.

Among the many events, the rodeo is the main attraction. If you get lucky, you can watch it by paying $300 for an infield seat. You can watch the action and see rodeo as a contact sport potentially dangerous to the rider and animal. The rodeo represents Calgary since it shows how the city struggled to succeed in a technologically-advanced world.