This music festival is celebrated at Gallagher Park along the North Saskatchewan river banks. In winter, the area becomes a ski club. Each year, about 2000 people volunteer at this festival. When it started in 1980, there was only one staff and 300 volunteers.

A CD tent is put up so that visitors can purchase the albums of the performers there. Moreover, there is also a beer garden where more beer is served than other celebrations in western Canada.

The outdoor music celebration lasts for four days and is held in Edmonton, Alberta, every 2nd weekend of August. Many people come here to perform and watch. Musical performances of different genres can be enjoyed here, such as gospel, Celtic, bluegrass, worldbeat, roots, and folk, among many others. Aside from mainstage and side-stage performances, some artists perform a collaboration.

In the daytime, there are six stages used for concerts and workshops. A stage is also made for entertaining children.

With all these happenings, it is not surprising that it is one of the leading folk music festivals worldwide.