Canoe Bar & Restaurant

66 Wellington W
Toronto, ON
M5K 1H6
(416) 364-0054
Fax: (416) 364-4273

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Canoe Restaurant & Bar

over 7 years see all my reviews
Regional Canadian cuisine shines as does the view of Lake Ontario from 54 floors up.

On top of the city at Canoe

over 7 years
For those of you looking for a full dining experience, look no further than Canoe. Situated atop of the TD Tower, make sure your reservation is towards the south west corner over looking the harbor Front. The environment inside is absolutely steller mixing modern urban with a touch of elegance. The serving staff are very knowledgeable when it comes to menu items. I really enjoyed the Pork. The kicker was that I had the opportunity to try three different flavors of meat arrangement in one plate. My girlfriend would only allow me one sample of her delicious scallops but was it ever worth it! For a special occasion or to seal the deal on a first date, I would recommend Canoe.

Great Recovery

over 7 years
The Builder see all my reviews
as one of Toronto's primer restaurants our last experience their started off very was an important evening but we were seated beside the open kitchen, this was quickly rectified. my wife has an allergy to certain foods which we told the waiter who neglected to advise us properly on her meal selection, this was picked up by the meal runner who advised the kitchen and they were able to accommodate us. the manager dropped by to see how our evening was going, we were direct with him in regard to our concerns...service stepped up and the evening finished off very nicely. managers business card in hand with the assurance that our next visit would be flawless.

great food but bring your wallet

over 7 years
canoe is one of Toronto’s more pricey places to eat but if you go during winterlishous you can get a great fixed price meal here