Plaza Flamingo Restaurant

423 College St
Toronto, ON
M5T 1T1
(416) 603-8884
Fax: (416) 967-6690

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Plaza Flamingo

FoodHogger see all my reviews
Plaza Flamingo is one of those places you fall upon one day, having been there years before but have no recollection of the food. Ages ago, (at least 8 years) I remember dining with the whole family and watching a flamenco performance at Plaza Flamingo. It was highly entertaining as far as I can recall. The food, however, I could not bring back to mind. So when we were searching for a place to dine for lunch on a bitterly cold day, not only did the “lunch buffet” clapboard stand out to us, but feelings of familiarity began to stir within me. Somehow Plaza Flamingo had seemed a lot further West when I was younger; not smack in the middle of busy College street near Bathurst.

latin nights...

PAULYWOOD! see all my reviews
located right across from el rancho, plaza flamingo is another great latin dance club to go dancing and grab something to eat. the people are really friendly and don't be afraid to hit the dance floor if you don't know how to latin dance cause everybody is there to just have a good time.....and thats all that matters. the girls are drop dead gorgeous and its always playing the best latin music ever