Mihalis Place

791 Broadview Ave
Toronto, ON
M4K 2P8
(416) 469-9565

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Great Place for Breakfast

over 7 years
And if you're looking for single firemen, this is where they often go for breakfast and lunch. Nice daily soups and salads. Very good service and not too pricy.

A Great family dining experience in an authentic Polish restaurant

over 7 years
The atmosphere is very cozy and authentic with the owners, Stan and Elizabeth cooking, preparing and serving their loyal customers who return daily to order from their great variety of Polish cuisine. Their perogies,schnitzel, Teriyaki, duck, and scrumptious lamb dinner, Greek salad, dumplings, and delicious breakfasts are out of this world> the meals are home made and make you feel like you"re at your relative"s house because of their great personalities and closeness with their regular customer> it"s a great family atmosphere where everyone is welcome and feels at home>