360 Restaurant at the CN Tower

301 Front St W,CN Tower
Toronto, ON
M5V 2T6
(416) 362-5411
Toll Free: (888) 684-3268
Fax: (416) 601-4722

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360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower

over 7 years
Gayot.com see all my reviews
The dining can never top the view here but it aims high.

360 of the city!

over 7 years
This is a good idea for entertaining out-of-town friends or family! Beautiful View! Great Atmosphere for all!!

what a view...

over 7 years
PAULYWOOD! see all my reviews
the 360 restaurant at the cn tower is to die for. really cool place to bring a loved one and spend the night looking over the city. sure it's a little pricey but i'm sure its well worth it for the one you love. great food, and the waiters/waitresses are absolutely great and very helpfull