Parker Dean Plumbing Heating Drainage

321-901 West 3rd St
North Vancouver, BC
V7P 3P9
(604) 985-7315

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over 4 years
We had a very good experience with this company. When we called them they responded quickly and made a house call to look at the situation with our hot water tank. They ordered a new one and were quick to book an installation day and install a new tank. They were quick, tidy and efficient. We would definitely recommend this company to family, friends and neighbors.

ParkerDean are great!

over 4 years
The Boons see all my reviews
We have used ParkerDean in both of our homes and they are on time (yay!), courteous, tidy and get the job done. We have recommended them to others and will definitely use them again in the future as the need arises.

ParkerDean Saved Christmas!!!

over 4 years
Parker Dean LITERALLY SAVED CHRISTMAS!!! I am not kidding. We have a three year old home with a new tankless hot water system. The plumber who originally installed it was away for Christmas holidays when, on the night before Christmas Eve 2010, an internal part in our hot water tank failed and water started leaking out, hosing down our mechanical room and at the same time frying all the circuitry of the system... So, if you recall that was a Thursday... then Friday was Christmas Eve (most taking it as a holiday for Christmas on Saturday... Sat, Sun, then Monday another holiday in lieu for Boxing Day Sunday...) so failure on Thursday, first chance to get a plumber was going to be 6 days away... the Tuesday? THERE ARE 5 women in our house and 22 people supposed to be coming for Christmas dinner. Anyway, I called my friend Mike at Express Home Repair, and he gave me Parker Dean Plumbing's Name and Number... I got hold of Liz at their office just around noon... explained my predicament... I wasn't a previous client of theirs, but BANG! they were on the job... they were already working on another job for another family... but it was just finishing off one of several bathrooms... the other family said "go save Christmas" and that's just what they did... no parts in Vancouver... so they spoke with the Hot Water Tank manfucturer and got me a brand new system billed under warranty.... All I paid was a reasonable labour bill and let me tell you I was pleased as punch to pay that! Even the boss dropped by during the job to check in.... so 1 person at the office, 2 on the job, and another dropping by.... You'd think I was royalty! The miracle? They did this all in about 4 hours.... called the manufacturer at 4:30 eastern time... got me the new tank.. picked up at the supplier... installed, tested and Bob's Your Uncle all in 4 hours... we were back with hot water the same day. If I didn't say it well enough before, THANK YOU!

Fast and friendly

over 4 years
Our renovator put us onto them & they were on time and provided great service with a cheerful attitude -we will be happy to use them again

Don't hesitate to call these guys!

over 4 years
roboman51 see all my reviews
I have used Parker Dean's services twice - once in an emergency situation and one scheduled replacement of my water heater. I couldn't be happier with their workmanship, timeliness and pricing. I have recommended Parker Dean to others and will continue to do so.