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Vancouver - Contact Pat: 604-468-7480
Toronto - Contact Anne: 647-829-4145

- Window Cleaning
We pride ourselves in making sure a streak or spot will be removed from a window whether it be outside or inside of the building.
- Specialized Floor Care
We have a comprehensive floor care system to meet every requirement. All types of floors that require special treatment with floor brooming, mopping, polishing then buffing.
- Carpet and Upholstery
We provide a thorough operational carpet and upholstery service.
- Garbage
We will collect all trash and dispose of in the area that is permitted.
- High & Low Dusting
We provide a thorough dusting to all areas that require cleaning including computer screens, counters, desks, railings and chairs.
- Quality Control
We understand the importance of quality and value, and will always make sure that every employee is committed to delivering that service to our clients. A supervisor will have regular walk-throughs with management inspecting that the job is up to standard.
- Benefits
We provide consistent quality service to the clients. Making sure that all needs are met from top to bottom. Allowing a work environment to have a sense of cleanliness and comfort. Applying rates that only fit the size and labor of the facility to keep costs affordable and reasonable.
We leave your place flower fresh.