200 Douglastown Blvd
Miramichi, NB
E1V 7T9
(506) 778-8224

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customer service desk

The staff that works at the customer service desk should always be curtious to their customers needs, and for three visits in a row I recieved the entire opposite. My mother and I are regular customers to this store at least 3-4 times a week and all three visits to the customer service desk we were approached by the same employee who happens to wear a red vest which I assume means she is a boss, and words cannot explain how rude she was to my mother and I. I had called and spoke to the assistant manager but I feel like nothing is going to be resolved. I am very bothered with this entire situation and would be happy to permantly stop shopping at this store but the problem is there isn't any other stores to shop at in this town.

Customer Satisfaction

The WalMart here in Miramichi is very well laid out with a huge selection. The staff are very friendly and keen to assist patrons. The savings at this store are easy to see, and easy to accumulate. A fine store.

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