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In addition to addressing the needs of intermediate and advanced golfers, Golf-O-Max golf simulators offers an excellent opportunity for beginners to develop their abilities in a friendly environment, without the risk of delaying the groups that would normally follow them on a normal golf course.

Colette and Daniel Dubois, promoters of the Golf-O-Max concept, discovered the "Full Swing Golf" simulator during a business trip to San Diego, California in the Spring of 1993. Impressed by the incredible precision and realistic quality of the golf simulator's ball tracking system, they proceeded with the purchase of 4 simulators and opened their first Golf-O-Max in Boucherville in the Fall of 1993.

From Daring Innovation Emerged Success
The Golf-O-Max concept rapidly gained public opinion. In the spring of 1995, Colette and Daniel implemented a leasing and selling network throughout Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces. Market response was greater than expected. With over 3,000 units in operation worldwide, Golf-O-Max and "Full Swing Golf" have a proven track record in virtually every market.

If you're seeking a business opportunity, Golf-O-Max will assist you with the implementation of its concept in your area.

Exceptional Realism
Our system tracks the ball, not the club.

Golf-O-Max simulators are easy to use. Indoor golf grows rapidly each year and the activity is no longer reserved for experienced golfers. Families, couples, and groups of friends get together for a pleasant and diverting activity.

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