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Put simply, nothing but the best. When you walk through our doors, the first thing you'll notice is our relaxed atmosphere. You'll find people from all walks of life enjoying themselves at our restaurant because we like to keep things relaxed. However our chefs are strict about using fine, fresh high quality ingredients and products. So strict in fact, that we have the ripest produce, freshest seafood and most succulent meats shipped in daily. The key to any great dish is that everything be prepared fresh

No matter when you come, with whom, or what your style, you can always expect the highest standards in service and food quality. That's why the Patron's Pick Guide rated us at 92%, the highest rating of all listed Greek cuisine restaurants.

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Looking for a Greek Restaurant that takes American Express? This one on The Danforth is hands down my favourite! It either was the friendly staff, the home cooking or the Ouzo. If you are ever looking for a great Greek place, Palace Restaurant is the place. Not far away from Pape Subway Station.

Palace Restaurant

Many immigrants have come to Canada with a dream in their soul and determination in their hearts. Peter Hatzis came from Greece with nothing. [...]

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