Rockfield Plumbing Services

301 21st Ave E
Vancouver, BC
V5V 1R2
(604) 731-4090

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over 7 years
Worst plumbing company to hire. Do not hire and even if your in a jam, wait for professionals. First, they are not licensed to do any work with gas (ie: hot water tanks). Secondly, they will not come out to repair work they do incorrectly. Yes, even when they do the work it is not done right. They are part of the BBB, but when I contacted them about the situation they were not aware of the licensing issues. So, end result for me was I had to hire out another plumbing to repair all the mistakes from Rockfield. That Trevor guy (would normally write fellow) likes to tell women off over the phone as well, that's exactly what he did to my wife.