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Canada’s Coldest Places

Canadians are known for their love-hate relationship with the cold season. Here are some of the coldest places worth visiting:

Val-d’Or, Quebec

Many kids in Canada who enjoy playing in the snow ask their parents to visit Val-d’Or, Qu├ębec, during winter break. Aside from being known for copper, zinc, and gold, there are more snowy days than other major cities in Canada.


Vancouver is the place where the polar bear plunge started in 1920. This is the tradition of diving into frigid lakes on the first day of the year. Now, some people take part in the polar bear plunge to help charities or fulfill their New Year’s resolutions. Therefore, the tradition still lives on, and many people still participate. Also, other cities in Canada copied this event.


Yellowknife is considered the coldest place on this list. In winter, the average temperature here is -28.9 Celsius. According to Environment Canada, this is the most freezing place among the Northwest Territories.

If that temperature was not enough, Yellowknife also has the coldest wind chill reading, which is -63.99 Celsius. Nevertheless, it is also a great destination in summer because it is very sunny here.

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Alberta’s Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

Although Alberta is popular for its beef, it also has a solid community of vegan and vegetarians; hence it has plenty of innovative restaurants that cater to this diet. Here are some of them:

Loma House Vegetarian Restaurant

Aside from dine-in and take-outs, Loma House offers frozen pan-Asian food that you can heat at home. Because of vegan and vegetarian food choices, this simple restaurant has become known. Their dim sums are a must-try.

Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant

If you are in the mood for a Thai, Chinese, Indian, or Indonesian dish, this restaurant from Jakarta is recommended. Its influence has affected the vegetarian industry in Edmonton. Because of the blend of herbs, tasty flavors, fresh vegetables, and a combination of various herbs, you should try their menu and once-a-month buffet.

The Coup

The best words to describe this restaurant are ethical, simple, and organic. This restaurant will make you feel good because they aim to bring a positive impact. One example is planting more than 30 every month to lessen their waste. The restaurant also has its beehives and garden. You can enjoy any major meal here, including cocktails, because of the place’s overall feel.

Veg-In YYC

Located in the East Village of Calgary, this restaurant is famous for turning dishes to yummy vegan and vegetarian dishes. The food is delicious and fresh since the restaurant concentrates on local, affordable, and homemade ingredients. The top recommendations here veggito or vegetable burrito and the vegan New-York cheesecake.

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Canadian Dishes You Need to Try and Where to Try Them

Canada is a diverse country, and as a result, they also have diverse cuisine that will give you a gastronomical experience. Here are some of the dishes you should not miss when visiting Canada:


A culinary gem of the French-Canadian cuisine, poutine is one of the most eccentric Canadian dishes you ought to try. Many Quebec towns say that it created this notable dish that was believed to be invented in the 1950s. Authentic poutine has a gravy that is meat-based and has a lot of peppers. There are also curd fries.

You can try this at all diners in Canada that serve fries. You can even buy this from McDonald’s. Smoke’s Poutinerie offers vegetable or protein poutine options. This is a famous dish, so there are annual poutine festivals held.

Canadian Bacon

Canadian bacon is known as peameal bacon. Instead of pig belly, which is usually used in traditional bacon, Canadian bacon utilizes briner lean pork loin that is smoothened with cornmeal. You can buy Canadian bacon sandwiches at Carousel Bakery found in St. Lawrence Market in Toronto.


Created in 1969 by Walter Chell, a restaurant manager in Calgary, this cocktail drink became a big hit in the restaurant. The main ingredients of Caesar are vodka, Clamato juice, and Worchester with a salt-rimmed glass. Avoid drinking too much since it can cause a hangover.

You can try an interesting dish version of this drink at Score on Davie, a restaurant in Vancouver.

Events & Festivals

The Winterlude Festival

To celebrate winter, people in Ottawa, Ontario, and Gatineau, Quebec, hold a yearly festival called Winterlude that lasts for three weekends. Started in 1979, Canada’s National Capital Commission organizes the said festival. It is considered a tourist attraction in Ottawa since it draws a lot of visitors every year.

This is a massive celebration that showcases a lot of activities outdoors such as ice sculpture contest, public skating, skating along Rideau Canal going to the gothic city, skating display, play areas for kids such as an ice lounge which is the largest playground made of ice, concerts, and many other events offsite.

Another exciting place to visit is the Snowflake Kingdom, which is in Jacques-Cartier Park in Gatineau. In winter, the park is transformed into a giant snow park with many ice structures and slides and activities and events made for children. The welcoming IceHog family, which is the Winterlude mascot, can be seen here as well.

Events & Festivals

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

It is a charitable, cultural organization that aims to change people’s perspective about the world through films. It happens every September in Toronto, Ontario, in Canada.

Established in 1976, it is now considered one of the most reputable film festivals worldwide. It has helped launch the best Canadian, Hollywood, and international films. It is also regarded as the second most important film festival next to Cannes.

Although TIFF has given attention to mainstream films, it continues to concentrate more on independent films. National films and directors from the past highlight films in Canada, and films from Asia, Africa, and South America.

Because the purpose of TIFF is to lead in creating cultural discovery through films, it is dedicated to showing the best Canadian and international films to people. The film festival offers lectures, screenings, workshops, discussions, support, and an opportunity to meet Canadian and international filmmakers.

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Best Brewery Trails and Tours in Ontario

If you are an avid fan of beers, here’s a toast worth brewery trails and tours around Ontario that you will enjoy:

Brew Tours

When you follow your guide, you will find some of the best microbreweries in Ontario. You will see an actual brewing process, tour some facilities, see scenic views, and try some core brews, seasonal flavors, meals, and snacks.

Brew Donkey Tours

This is a trip made for adults. The tours are trendsetters in Ontario because of the regional local brewery tours in Ottawa and Kitchener-Waterloo. Both are known to have delicious brews. They also do collaborations for monthly events.

Born to Ride

This tour can be considered a beer marathon. The day trip tour consists of visits to wineries, breweries, and cideries. Great views can be enjoyed by riding a bike. Lunch and dip in the pool are included in the tour.

WE Trolley Tour

Windsor Essex is one of Ontario’s most beautiful wine districts but also infamous for brewing. By riding a trolley, you can discover the history and the culture of a local craft brewery in Windsor Essex. The tour includes stops at The Grove Hotel located in Kingsville and a microbrewery boutique inn.

Niagara Ale Trail

Niagara is an ideal place for great ale lovers. The Niagara Ale Trail will help beer enthusiasts to find unique flavors, seasonal drinks, and tours.

Best Place to Visit

The Must-Visit Places for Canadians

If you are planning to visit Canada soon, there are a couple of places you should visit to get the most genuine Canadian experience. Here are some of them:

Banff and Lake Louise (Alberta)

Located in the borders of Banff National Park, the surrounding area where the towns of Banff and Lake Louise are found is a place worth visiting.

Visitors can see Rocky Mountain wonderland. This place has blue waterfalls and glacial lakes, majestic grandeur, and abundant wildlife. Visitors can stay at one of the classic hotels in Banff, such as the Fairmont Banff Springs, or go on a hike at Lake Louise to enjoy solitude.

Kluane National Park (Yukon)

Mount Logan, Canada’s tallest mountain, is found in Kluane National Park in western Yukon. Visitors can see 22,000 square kilometers of rich valleys, blue glaciers, and wild territory. It can be seen when one is on a helicopter or airplane with skis to make snow landings. What makes the experience better is hiking on the park’s extensive network of trails.

Gros Morne National Park (Newfoundland)

Gros Morne National Park is a place every Canadian should not miss visiting. Found along western Newfoundland’s coast. This one-of-a-kind park has a rich geological diversification. Therefore, UNESCO has considered this place as a World Heritage Site. Because the mantle of the earth is exposed, it shows the continental drift process.

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Best Cities in Canada to Eat and Drink

Although Canada has over 162 cities across the country, only a few of these cities can be considered a hub for eating and drinking. If these are the type of things that you like, you should definitely visit the following cities:

Victoria (British Columbia)

Everything that you will try at Victoria will indeed be delicious. The street food from Inner Harbour and the maple honey and waffles with green onions from North 48 found on Langley Street are excellent. Eating at the North 48 is highly recommended because of its delicious menu.

Tofino (British Columbia)

On Vancouver’s west coast, people go to Tofino to see waves and various wildlife. Therefore, I thought there would not be any interesting dishes. Nevertheless, I was wrong. From the hot Mexican take-outs from Tacofino, delicious beers from Tofino Brewery to Kelp Stout dishes made from local seaweed, every culinary experience here is a surprise.

Vancouver (British Columbia)

Vancouver has a lot to offer, so it is no surprise many consider this their favorite city in Canada. Aside from wildlife and greenery, there are various food shops and delicious craft beer. A must-try place to eat here is Granville Island. You will love cheese from Benton Brothers and beer bacon jam from Granville Island Brewery.

Calgary (Alberta)

Known as Canada’s biggest beef producer, the cuisines here go beyond beef. There is a food option for every food type and budget. Cluck n Cleaver’s southern fried chicken, The Deane House Restaurant’s local dishes, and Anju’s Korean dishes are not missed.

Events & Festivals

Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is a yearly rodeo, festival, and exhibition in Calgary in Alberta every July. Claimed to be the greatest outdoor show on the globe, it draws over a million visitors each year. Visitors can see the biggest rodeos in the world, stage performances, a parade, First Nations exhibits, chuckwagon races, and agricultural contests.

There are functions, family events, and parties during the time of the Stampede. You will realize right away that the Stampede is on-going once you step foot in the city. People adorn the streets, and company employees volunteer in the activities.

Among the many events, the rodeo is the main attraction. If you get lucky, you can watch it by paying $300 for an infield seat. You can watch the action and see rodeo as a contact sport potentially dangerous to the rider and animal. The rodeo represents Calgary since it shows how the city struggled to succeed in a technologically-advanced world.

Events & Festivals

Edmonton Folk Music Festival

This music festival is celebrated at Gallagher Park along the North Saskatchewan river banks. In winter, the area becomes a ski club. Each year, about 2000 people volunteer at this festival. When it started in 1980, there was only one staff and 300 volunteers.

A CD tent is put up so that visitors can purchase the albums of the performers there. Moreover, there is also a beer garden where more beer is served than other celebrations in western Canada.

The outdoor music celebration lasts for four days and is held in Edmonton, Alberta, every 2nd weekend of August. Many people come here to perform and watch. Musical performances of different genres can be enjoyed here, such as gospel, Celtic, bluegrass, worldbeat, roots, and folk, among many others. Aside from mainstage and side-stage performances, some artists perform a collaboration.

In the daytime, there are six stages used for concerts and workshops. A stage is also made for entertaining children.

With all these happenings, it is not surprising that it is one of the leading folk music festivals worldwide.