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Allow me to share my travel stories and see photos from some of the destinations I have visited. I am Kathryn Burrington from West Sussex in England. Because I love sharing my food and cultural experiences from different countries, I came up with ZipLocal, my travel diary blog.

My love for traveling is mainly due to working in a travel company for over two decades. Now, I decided to do freelance photography, blogging, and guided walk tours.


Because of my passion for experiencing and learning new cultures and cuisines from other countries, I started my blog in September 2011. It was initially just for fun. Soon, I became more and more interested in chronicling my adventures. My blog gave me a lot of opportunities to travel and meet many people.


Since my parents gave me a camera as a gift when I was in 2nd grade, I have enjoyed taking pictures of different subjects such as animals, food, and buildings. I am fortunate enough to be assigned to take photos in scenic countries such as France, Italy, and Canada, to name a few.